World’s Most Expensive Shoes

world's most expensive shoes

Dubai is well known for its unique attractions and record breaking developments. This includes the world’s tallest tower and some of the top shopping malls in the world. Now, it is home to something new. The world’s most expensive shoes will be launched in Dubai this week. They will cost a whopping $17 million, which is around Dh62.4 million.

The World’s Most Expensive Shoes

The world’s most expensive shoes are being launched in Dubai this week. The Passion Diamond Shoes are made from diamonds and gold. Before these, Debbie Wingham shoes were considered the most expensive in the world at $15.1 million, which is around Dh55.4 million. Jada Dubai designed and created the footwear, in collaboration with Passion Jewellers. The entire process took nine months. The shows on display are a sample size of 36 EU, but after this the shoes will be made to the specific customer who buys them.

During the launch of the world’s most expensive shows, Jada Dubai will also launch three more limited edition shows. These have been made with diamond, rubies, pearls and gold. The collection includes the Diamond Pearl Sandals, The Ruby Stilettos and the Diamond and Gold Stilettos.

The Co-Founder and Creative Director of Jada Dubai, Maria Majari, explained that Jada Dubai only designs shoes with diamonds. For this collection, they wanted to create pieces using the most unique and rare diamonds. Majari explained the the $17 million for the Passion Diamond shoes is fixed and they will be no sales at the launch event. Instead, when a customer orders the shoes they will make a pair to their specific size.