World’s Longest Marathon

Longest Marathon

Though there are many marathons held throughout the year in various locations, none are as long as the latest marathon that’s been announced for later this year in Dubai. The world’s longest marathon will be held in Dubai in December and it will last for five days in total, from 11th to the 15th of the month.

World’s Longest Marathon Being Held in Dubai

The marathon will comprise of a five day trek at Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. It will cover a total distance of 270km. There will be prizes in three different categories; male, female and team. The winner will receive a trophy and Dh22,000 in price money. There will also be further prizes on offer for those who finish in second and third place.

There will be a number of check points throughout the world’s longest marathon. These check points will have water, medical assistance and other crews on hand to help entrants.

In order to enter the world’s longest marathon, you must be over the age of 18 and have a medical certificate the confirm your eligibility to participate. There is a Dh5,000 entrance fee and this includes transport, accommodation, a main meal before the race, a road map of the route, a medal and t shirt to be claimed upon finishing.