Why Rugby Star George Ford Loves Dubai


After playing sports for several months, rugby star George Ford has decided to take it easy are going to the Anantara in Dubai. He decided to come with his girlfriend Jess, and stay in this luxurious hotel that is so close to all of the top attractions. Whether they want to go to the Atlantis water park, or simply get a tan, they will be able to do everything they want in this city that George absolutely loves, and there are many reasons for that. Here are a few of the things that this Rugby star had to say about one of his favorite destinations.

Why George Ford Loves Dubai

There are so many reasons that George Ford likes the city. He specifically likes Palm Island because it is so quiet, something that is very different from the rest of the city itself. Instead of being at a central hotel which can be quite hectic at times, staying at the Anantara is exactly what they need. Although the Atlantis resort may be more well-known, to damages absolutely perfect. He also states that people really don’t know how amazing the city actually is until you actually get to stay and experience some of the most spectacular landscapes and buildings in the world.

What Can You Do In Dubai?

It would probably be easier to list what you could not do in Dubai because it is a city designed seemingly for tourism. It has literally sprung out of nowhere, in the literal middle of a desert, becoming an oasis for people that are not only in the country, but that travel from thousands of miles away to experience something that you can only find in Dubai. You can go to the fabulous shopping malls, the many water parks, and of course there are hotels in all directions. George Ford even says that driving from the airport to the city is an adventure in and of itself, and he even came here for a four-day break after his last tournament at Six Nations.

Why Stay At The Anantara?

Many people asked why he prefers to stay at the Anantara, a five-star hotel where rooms are actually grouped into what they referred to as private clusters, adjacent to a series of man-made lagoons. He believes that this is the most unique aspect of Dubai, especially the over water villas that can actually make a person believe they are in the Maldives instead of being so close to Saudi Arabia. There are swimming pools, and you get your own private beach, plus there are spas, tennis courts and an assortment of restaurants. Additionally, he enjoys this particular hotel so much because you simply have to walk a short distance from your room and get to enjoy either getting a tan on the beach, or swimming out in the sea.

Although he does recommend going to other hotels like the Burj Khalifa which actually has an observation deck that is the highest in the world. You are literally 148 floors up above the earth, over 1800 feet in the air. He said that it is actually a alarming when you first look out, simply because it’s just like looking out the window of an airplane. However, down on earth, you can have a meal next to beautiful fountains, or each on a terrace and a restaurant like the Mango capturing. To him, this is the best destination for people that are simply looking for a way to relax for a few days, and that is why he always comes back for more.