Tourism Sector Adds New Visa

Tourism Sector

The tourism sector in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates is set to be transformed. This is thanks to the introduction of a brand new visa. The visa offers multiple entries to the UAE for a period of five years for all nationalities. It’s been of huge interest to the international media as to whether or not the UAE Cabinet would approve the multi-entry visa for the tourism sector, but approval has now been granted. It’s thought that the new visa will have a big impact on the tourism sector, both regionally and globally.

Multi-Entry Visa Will Transform UAE Tourism Sector

The multi-entry visa sends a positive message in regards to the success of the UAE, something that will be welcomed by the entire community. It shows that the national economy is stable and sustainable, despite fluctuations and changes experienced throughout recent years.

As of October 2019, the UAE ranked first regionally in tourism and travel. It also ranked 33rd globally. This is according to 52 different indictors, one of which is the stability of the country’s economy.