Technical Scientific Employment


According to a new report, Dubai tops the world in technical and scientific employment. A new report from Institute of Management Development in Switzerland highlighted that Dubai employs a large number in technical and scientific fields. The report also highlighted that Dubai was ahead of other countries in regards to tablet possession and the number of Internet users.

Dubai’s Technical and Scientific Employment

The Institute of Management Development’s report is the first of its kind in the region. By comparing Dubai’s economy with 63 others around the world results were found for three different areas. These three areas were knowledge, technology and future readiness. Along with these, 50 other smaller sub areas were looked at.

Dubai is ranked among the top 10 for a number of different things including cyber security and international experience. Dubai also ranked very well net flow of international students, management of cities, public-private partnerships and the presence of highly skilled foreign personnel. This highlights how innovative Dubai is as a city.

Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of the Dubai Economic Department, explained that enhancing Dubai’s digital competitiveness requires synergy between the various government entities. He went on to say that solid partnerships between the public and private sectors is also extremely important.