Snowman Built In Dubai


Despite the blistering hot temperatures of summer in Dubai, a snowman has been built and it’s causing quite a stir. A snowman has been built at The Heart of Europe, as a way to mark the hottest day ever recorded in the UAE. In July of 2002, temperatures hit an incredible 52.1°C and building a snowman is a great way to honour this.

Snowman Built at The Heart of Europe in Dubai

The Heart of Europe is located just off the coast of Dubai and it is made up of a collection of different islands. There will be a number of projects going on when The Heart of Dubai is fully up and running. One of these projects will be climate controlled streets. Not only will these streets be the first of their kind in the world, but they’ll also allow visitors to enjoy a walk in the rain or a day playing in the snow. It is thanks to this snow that Dubai now has its very own snowman.

As a way to highlight just how well their prototype machines work, The Heart of Europe has put them to the test. By making enough snow to build an outdoor snowman, The Heart of Dubai has given an insight into what’s to come.

Once complete, The Heart of Europe will be made up of six islands. These will be Mainland Europe, The Floating Venice, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and St. Petersburg. The entire area will cover six million square feet and it will be able to hold up to 16,000 people. The Heart of Europe will represent 51 different countries in the form of restaurants, cafes and bars. There will also be hotels, shopping and holiday homes.