Smart Citti App Launched in Dubai


Smart Citti Version X was launched to the beta community on 16th December 2018. A community of 100 Super Users are now testing the app and leaving their happiness ratings, creating the foundations for the happiest community in Dubai.

Tech startup Smart Citti has finally launched to a small (but sweet) community of Super Users! The influencers are vigorously testing the app and leaving their thoughts, queries, concerns, delights and, the-all-important, happiness ratings!

Smart Citti app launch means a happy Dubai is closer than ever!

I think the navigation has been really cool to use so far. I love how in depth you can get with the street view. I absolutely love the 3D tour of the Burj Khalifa! I think it’s a super cool feature for both tourists and browsers. And the amount of integration in the app with the vouchers and reviews is great!

As the first of its kind, Smart Citti is an advocate of the worldwide initiative to push for happiness in today’s societies, in order for people to prosper, improve their wellbeing and to see success in their everyday lives. Dubai was chosen by Smart Citti as the city thoroughly understands and supports the importance of happiness. With Smart Citti’s technology and Dubai’s enthusiasm, making this cosmopolitan city the happiest and smartest place on earth is now surely becoming a reality.

Smart Citti is a digital twin of Dubai, as the only immersive platform connecting AR, VR and IoT technologies in the UAE. Smart Citti’s Super Users are currently exploring the city, searching through the districts of Dubai to find food, leisure, shopping, hotel and transport information, as well as staying in the know-how about cool places, events and offers. They can connect with each other through a Friends & Family feature, as well as dabbling into a little AR. Users have their own profiles, a leadership board and are encouraged to leave their happiness ratings whenever they can!

Smart Citti App Dubai

Smart Citti is the first inclusive community in Dubai – by the people, for the people. The company believes their greatest asset is their users, who are the creators of their own happy city. The community will play an integral part at the forefront of building and engaging with the city. In fact, users are encouraged to treat the virtual city as their own, while the app provides all the tools to help them build and maintain it, so that it’s truly a happy place to be.

The app is well on it’s way to becoming the new hot thing in the city, with unique features and content such as finding the most ‘Instagrammable’ places in Dubai for that next social media post, or the perfect venues for a date night! By engaging and interacting with the virtual and real world, Smart Citti users are well on their way to building the happiest community in Dubai.

Get in touch to be involved! Check out the website or find Smart Citti on Instagram Youtube Twitter and LinkedIn.