School Commute Could Save Money

school commute

According to a recent report from Knight Frank, one in four families in Dubai are choosing a long school commute in order to save money. These families are choosing to undertake a longer school commute, with saving money on school fees being the main reason.

Dubai Families Saving Money With a Long School Commute

Though there are now more options than ever when it comes to schooling in Dubai, a lot of families are not choosing the nearest options. Over a quarter of families are choosing to send their children to schools that are located more than 10km away, meaning a long school commute is necessary.

There are currently over 200 private schools in Dubai, but 27% of students live more than 10km away from their school. This is because families are trying to save money on school fees.

Shehzad Jamal, a Partner at Knight Frank, explained that distance wasn’t always one of the top motivating factors when it comes to sending a child to a specific school. Instead, parents are more attracted to affordable school fees. Sometimes, this means embarking on a long school commute. In many cases, the money they save on school fees was more than enough to cover the additional travel.