Dubai Flow Motion: Creative Side Of Dubai


Dubai Flow Motion, an incredible perspective of Dubai

Dubai Flow Motion is a new and unique take on the great city of Dubai. No, its not a video and no its not a stop-motion animation, a flow motion finds its place somewhere in between. It is a new art form that is taking the world by storm with Rob Whitworth being at the front of the pack.

The video covers an adventure of Dubai throughout the city starting from the plane all the way from one end of Dubai to the next. Dubai flow motion and it’s mesmerising blend of stop motion and video makes Dubai feel like an irresistible holiday destination.

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Who is Rob WhitWorth?

Rob Whitworth is an urban filmmaker and architectural photographer based in Shanghai. He has flow motion works covering most of Asia and of course Dubai. Though his flow motion work have the feel of a video, they are classified as creative time-lapse photography.