Overspeeding Warnings Issued


With more and more motorists driving at excessive speeds the police in Dubai have issued warnings. The police have warned Dubai motorists about overspeeding on major highways and the dangers it brings. Though overspeeding can already lead to large fines and fatalities, Dubai police still feel as though the additional warnings are necessary. This is because overspeeding is now the leading cause of serious traffic accidents in Dubai.

Police Warn Motorists About Overspeeding in Dubai

Some days, there are upwards of four serious traffic accidents in different areas of Dubai. Not only can this cause personal injury and fatality, it also leads to heavy backups in traffic and delays for other motorists. Despite there being heavy fines for speed limit violations, many drivers still speed. So far in 2018 more than 260,000 people have been fined for overspeeding and breaking speed limits.

UAE laws state that a motorists who exceed the maximum speed limit by more than 60 kilometres per hour can receive a find of Dh1,000. They also risk losing their car and it being impounded. From January to June of this year police in Dubai noted 1,250 major road accidents that resulted in the death of 23 people and the injury of 884 others. There were also over 1,440 major road crashes that resulted in the death of 76 people and the injury of 996 others.

The top cause of serious accidents in Dubai from January to June was listed as sudden swerving. Those who didn’t use their designated lanes were also identified as being a big problem. As did those who don’t maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.