Museum of Illusions to Open

museum of illusions

Dubai will soon be home to a brand new attraction. The Museum of Illusions will be opening in Dubai in a few weeks time and it’s expected to draw in big crowds. Both tourists and residents alike are expected to visit the attraction.

Museum of Illusions to Open in Dubai

The Museum of Illusions is part of an international museum chain and it’s scheduled to open on September 12th. It will provide visitors with a unique visual and sensory experience, with optical illusion exhibits. There will be 80 interactive exhibits in total at the Al Sheef location, all of which have been designed to play tricks on the mind. Exhibits will include a Vortex Tunnel, which tricks the brain into thinking the ground under their feet is moving. It will also include an Ames Room, where guests can shrink or grow depending on where they position themselves within the exhibit.

The museum will be popular with social media fans. People can take photographs in the exhibits, showcasing the unique visual experiences.

Varvara Svischeva, Manager of the Museum of Illusions in Dubai, explained that exhibits with the widest appeal have been chosen. These will appeal to cosmopolitan residents and international tourists. Svischeva went on to state that the Museum of Illusions has a lot of pride in being a destination for all ages.

The Museum of Illusions first opened in Croatia in 2015. There are now six other museums located around the world in locations such as Muscat and Oman.