Motiongate Dubai: New Theme Park in Dubai


Dubai is quickly being recognised as a world-class vacation destination and the latest attraction is set to be Motiongate Dubai. The country offers a host of opportunities and attractions and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The government of Dubai is dedicated to ensuring the country is a holiday paradise and has invested billions of dollars in creating the ultimate vacation and leisure experience. The climate is almost perfect, providing an exquisite backdrop for families, couples, and individuals to have the time of their lives. From elegant resorts to outstanding theme parks, Dubai offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Motiongate Dubai, UAE’s newest theme park idea

One of the newest and most exciting theme parks in Dubai is Motiongate Dubai. This incredible theme park based on adventures from the movies includes four zones, each with its own movie theme and adventure. Visitors are taken on a cinematic journey which brings to life some of the greatest Hollywood icons. There are twelve attractions within the Sony Pictures Studio and the Smurf Zone. Themed attractions include theatrical favourites from Sony Pictures including “The Green Hornet”, “Cloudy With a Change of Meatballs”, “Ghostbusters”, “Hotel Transylvania”, “Zombieland” and “Underworld”. This theme park, due to be completed in 2016 will also include rides from the “Hunger Games”.

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The “Hunger Games” theme was recently announced and will provide visitors to Motiongate Dubai a chance to visit and experience this world created by Suzanne Collins. One of the rides will take guests on a hovercraft which journeys through Panem. During the trip, guests will see various landmarks from the Hunger Games movies, including experiencing a visit by the Peacekeepers to keep things lively. The second new ride is a roller coaster designed to transport guests to District 12, the Capitol of Panem.

The team at Lionsgate, the force behind the Hunger Games movies and Dubai Parks and Resorts announced the venture extolling the spirit of innovation and the vision of the project. This is the first Hunger Games franchise theme park in the world and the Dubai Government is determined to make it an experience no one will forget.

This new Lionsgate theme park which includes both the Hunger Games and Divergent will be one of the country’s largest theme parks. It will feature attractions from Lionsgate, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures Studios, Studio Central, and Smurf Village. The park is scheduled to open in 2016.

Motiongate Dubai will be a spectacular addition to the collection of Dubai theme parks, which include Aquaventure, a new water park, and Ski Dubai, which is located right in the Emirates Shopping Mall. Ski Dubai allows guests to try snowboarding or skiing and other visitors can observe the winter sports enthusiasts through a glass window. This park has five ski runs and operational lifts.

Dubailand is located near the Dubai International Airport and offers a number of exciting attractions. This park has seven themes, including science and planetariums, rides, art and culture, sports, shopping and retail, and wellbeing and health. It also includes several resorts and hotels for guests and visitors.

Dubai is making a name for itself as the best vacation destination in the entire world. With a variety of theme parks, including the new Motiongate Dubai, a visitor will have no problem finding something to enjoy.