Kids Gym Opens In Dubai

kids gym

A kids gym has opened in Dubai. In a bid to combat childhood obesity and the lack of active children in Dubai, Little Gladiators gym has been opened at the Green Mile Galleria Mall in Palm Jumeirah. For many years there has been worldwide concern that children are not getting enough exercise and are not playing enough sport, so a kids-only gym such as this is being welcomed by many.

Little Gladiators Kids Gym In Dubai

Little Gladiators kids gym will provide cardio, exercise and gymnastic classes for those aged between three and 14. The classes have been specifically designed with children in mind and are a step towards fighting the high levels of childhood obesity seen in Dubai.

The gym itself occupies an area of around 7,400 sq. ft and there are a number of activities on offer such as yoga, climbing, cardio, climbing, gymnastics and kickboxing. Little Gladiators also has a swimming pool and a number of qualified instructors. There’s even a kids-only spa.

The kids gym also offers aerobics classes for mothers and private family swimming lessons, as a way to involve parents in their children’s activities.

The owners of the kids gym said that the inspiration came from HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum’s aim to improve the health of those in Dubai. The owners have worked to create a place with affordable family fun in mind, feeling that this was a good business idea with a worthwhile goal.

Many officials in Dubai have voiced their concerns over childhood obesity in the UAE. There is currently an aim to reduce childhood obesity from where it currently stands at 34% down to 12% by 2021.

The facility can accommodate up to 1,000 members and there are annual memberships available. There are plans to open a further two Little Gladiator locations in Dubai throughout the rest of the year.