Top Foreign Real Estate Investors

Foreign Real Estate Investors

Though there was a small decrease in the last 12 months, Dubai is still a hugely popular choice with foreign real estate investors. According to the Dubai Land Department, in the first three quarters of 2018 over Dh160 billion exchanged hands. An impressive 18.5% of this was down to foreign investors. This is a lot higher than most other countries.

Which Foreign Real Estate Investors Are Making a Mark in Dubai?

Since the UAE government opened up investment to overseas buyers back in 2002, Dubai has been a popular choice among foreign real estate investors. This has only been boosted by the fact that the city has become a key economic hub, offering a number of fantastic employment opportunities to foreigners. Dubai also offers an attractive lifestyle to those who are moving from abroad, which only goes further towards encouraging investors to choose the city over another destination. Though the market has slowed slightly in recent years, foreign real estate investors are still flocking to Dubai.

At the moment, the largest number of foreign real estate investors are Indian Nationals. This is closely followed by the British in second place, Pakistanis in third place and Jordanians in fourth. A number of investors are also from China. The fact that the number of foreign investors is increasing shows just how attractive Dubai is to those interested in property.