Fiji Triumphs Over England In Dubai

Fiji Dubai Rugby Sevens

Fiji were the champions in Dubai Sevens last time around and have kickstarted their campaign with great fervor once again. They have triumphed over England with ease taking the win 28-17 as needed. This is a great step in the right direction for them as they look to showcase their talent and remain on top. This was the first leg of the new season and they were able to stamp down their authority as required in order to get the results they had been hoping for moving forward. This was key for them in order to make sure they were being taken seriously.

28 Straight Points Conceded

England thought they had started on a great note as they got the advantage, but then things went downhill in a hurry. Fiji was just getting warmed up and they might have been caught off guard for a bit, but it didn’t take them long to get going. They put together 28 points in a row and kept shutting England down.

They understood what was being thrown at them and kept applying the pressure as needed. The results were there for one and all to see as they took complete control in no time. Fiji asserted themselves with ease as they racked on the tries.

First Victory For Fiji Over England In The Competition

Fiji has been looking to remain on top for a long time and were never able to get over the hump when it came to England. This was obviously something they had thought about going into the first leg and wanted to make sure they were headed down the right path.

This is where the adrenaline rush came from as they conceded the first points. They wanted to make sure the right amount of work was being done in order to garner the points they had wanted. This is when the results started to pour in a hurry as desired.

England Was Tired

The coach stated the team was not up for the game and had been injured prior to the match because of what they had been through before. The schedule has not been easy on them, but they were simply outclassed in the match and the fact they did not have the energy that was needed.

When they didn’t have the energy that was not required, they lost out big time and that was key. It is essential to make sure they come out hungry next time around to win.

The series is now going to move over to Cape Town in a bid to see who is going to keep their momentum going. Will it be the USA squad that has been bolstering itself and doing well with regards to the competition that is out there or is it going to be Fiji? This is the question most people have and the answers are going to be seen in South Africa and those scenic surroundings during a lovely time of the year.