Entertainment: Dubai to Focus More on Entertainment in 2016

entertainment in dubai

If there is one thing that has been holding Dubai back in recent times, it would have to do with the lack of musical concerts. This is something they have been hoping to deal with head-on rather than ignoring the reality that is present in their entertainment sector. One of the key changes that is going to be seen in terms of the entertainment sector would be the number of concerts that are taking place. They are going to be increasing the number significantly in order to entertain the population.

25,000 Seat Amphitheatre

It all begins with the infrastructure that is going into place as without it, the results would not be as good as they should be. In this regard, the 25,000 seat amphitheater is going to add a lot of quality to what they are bringing to the table and is going to woo artists.

Who doesn’t like the idea of performing in a new building such as this one? It is being set up with the state-of-the-art materials and is going to look fantastic. This is going to house all of the new concerts that are going to be taking place along with old performances moving to the new stages.

20-30 Live Events in 2016

The goal at this point in time is to make sure there are four times the concerts happening in town. This is the goal they have listed out and will aim to achieve in 2016.

What does this mean in terms of the numbers they are looking to do? Last year, Dubai was only home to 10 concerts, but this time, we are going to be looking to hit at least 30 if not more concerts in this coming year.

This is going to showcase Dubai as being able to host as many concerts as other places in the world placing the UAE on the same scale as other great entertainment cities like Las Vegas and London.

Bigger Entertainment Names

The likes of Justin Bieber and One Direction have already come to Dubai and performed, but there are other names who have not and those are the target of ‘117’, which is a local promotion agency.

They are looking to spread the word about what is on offer for artists in Dubai and they will be able to attract a lot of them in a short period of time.

This is how they are not only going to increase the number of concerts that will be held, but also the quality of those concerts as well.

With the overall foundation being put in place after the amphitheater is set up, this is going to be the place that will host some of the finest concerts in the world. Dubai is always known for its luxury and they are going to show it once again next year when it comes to the concerts that take place. Big stars are going to be on offer for those who are intrigued by the options that are being provided to them. Dubai is indeed going to be significantly different in terms of its entertainment sector moving into the new year.