Enjoying the best that Dubai city has to offer

Enjoying the best that Dubai city has to offer


Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Dubai city. This explains why the city continues to spend billions of dollars on tourism related projects. Some of its top attractions include artificial islands, gigantic shopping malls and the tallest building in the world.

Dubai city is one of those cities that you must see for yourself to believe. A few days and nights in Dubai city are enough for you to realise how much this city-state has to offer. From parks and resorts to historical sites to sandy beaches to city walks, Dubai city has it all.

Shopping in the oldest part of Dubai city – Deira

Deira is one of Dubai’s oldest parts. A trip to Deira will give you a totally different experience; a chance to have a taste of Dubai’s earlier years in the many gold and spice bazaars. There are small shops lining up virtually all alleyways that sell aromatic herbs. It is here that you will also find some of the best traditional spices from countries like Pakistan, India and Iran. The place is dotted with sacks of colourful spices including cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, cloves, pepper, dried fruits and nutmeg.

Neighbouring the spice bazaars are jewellery shops that glitter with gold where you will be spoilt for choice choosing what to pick. And the prices are not cast in stone. Persistent bargaining is a part of the overall shopping experience. It is through the haggling that you get to learn about the finer details of the items on sale.

Crossing the Dubai creek

The Dubai creek is what separates the two main sections of Dubai, Bur Dubai and Deira. For just one dirham, you will get the chance to cross the Dubai Creek using a water taxi also known as an abra. The abra is popular with many locals. It is not just the cheapest mode of transport, it is also the fastest. While on an abra ride, you will also be getting a perfect view of the historical architecture in the area.

Bur Dubai

This is the location of the historic Al Fahidi District. Within this restored heritage area, you will find man houses that have been converted into craft shops and galleries. You will also get a chance to how the Emiratis live their day to day lives. There is also a cultural centre called Sheikh Mohammed where any question you have about the local culture or Islam will be answered.

Another highlight is getting to sample traditional Arabic meals. A typical Emirati breakfast will begin with coffee taken with dates. It will be followed by traditional bread (khameer) and pancake (chachab).

Don’t miss out on the amazing street food served here. The tasty food includes lobster rolls and chicken with waffles.

Desert adventure

You cannot go to Dubai city and miss a trip to the desert. Here is where you get your adrenaline fix, enjoying some dune bashing which can be simply described as off-roading on the desert sand dunes. There are adventure companies that offer these trips.

You can also slide through the sand dunes using a sandboard. If you prefer to keep things gentle and slow, you can hop onto a camel and take a trek into the desert.

At night, you will relax to by watching dancers entertain you with their energetic dancing. The breathtaking fire, Tanuora and belly dances are all part of the mix.

Dubai is a city you will absolutely love.