Dubai’s Co-Living Trend


One of the newest real estate trends in Dubai is co-living and it’s hugely popular among those who work from home. Though there are a number of advantages for many people who decide to start to live and work in this way, it’s young professionals and entrepreneurs who are benefiting the most.

Understanding Co-Living in Dubai

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that co-living is the same as sharing rooms, but it’s not. It actually refers to residents of a small living community sharing common spaces. Though everyone does have their own private apartments to live in, they share a business centre or office space. This allows people who work from home to access work spaces close to where they live, rather than having to stay in and work from home at all times. It’s ideal for small business owners and young professionals who would otherwise need to rent an office elsewhere.

These spaces in Dubai are generally geared towards younger people and those who have the ability to work remotely. As many people struggle to work and live in the same location, these  setups give them a chance to socialise with other people who have similar working lives.

There are already a number of developers in Dubai who have launched co-living projects. According to Property Finder, 902 registered transactions for spaces have already been noted in Dubai.