Dubai To Invest In A New Record Breaking Mega Tower


The race for the tallest mega tower in the world continues to entice nations across the world. However, Dubai is in a race of its own and is looking to add to what it already has (i.e. Burj Khalifa) by going for something that will be even taller and is going to be the first tower to reach the 1KM high milestone. This time, the goal is towards building a tower that is going to be similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Emaar Properties in Dubai will be looking to shepherd this project towards completion and have already laid the groundwork with planning in place to get started.

Spire Look To Inspire The New Mega Tower

This is going to be a tower instead of a skyscraper as seen in the past with Burj Khalifa. This should let them complete it faster and have fewer worries regarding the finer details of the structure.

The spire look is something that will make it simpler for them to break down the project and push it towards completion.

The tower will be supported by cables for security and is going to be taller than the 828 meter set by Burj Khalifa. The exact height has not been listed, but the goal is to beat it comprehensively.

Selling Point Will Be The View

With the Burj Khalifa, the selling point was easy enough, and that was the actual rooms inside. The building was not going to go empty, and that is how they would recoup the costs being poured in.

What will they do with this new tower that is going to be constructed? How will money be made if there are no rooms?

There will be a viewing area at the top of the spire that is going to be making money. People will be able to pay and go up to the top. This is the main selling point, and it should work.

Completion By 2020

When will the mega tower be completed based on the plans that have been built? The goal at this point in time is to have it standing and ready to go by 2020. They want to have it ready before an upcoming expo in that year where many people from around the world will be in town.

This is a firm deadline, and they are looking to make sure they hit it.

Will they be able to? This is a long way out, but based on what they have in place, it should work out.

Dubai is always looking to push the boundaries when it comes to the developments in the city, but they are looking to go above and beyond with this tower. It should be a fascinating sight when it is all said and done based on the brief viewings that have been shown.

The inspiration for building this is not only to beat out their own Burj Khalifa but to get past Jeddah and what they have going on in the form of Kingdom Tower. Jeddah set its sights on Burj Khalifa, while Dubai has now set its sight on Kingdom Tower.

This is what the bold new tower in Dubai will look like, with inspiration taken from Islamic architecture:

Dubai tallest tower 2020

We’ll keep you updated on this development. What do you think it should be called? Post your comments below…