Dubai Safari African Elephants

African Elephants

Four African elephants have arrived at Dubai Safari Park, it has been announced. The three females and one male were flown to Dubai from Zimbabwe earlier on this year and they are said to be doing well. The African elephants will be there for the public to see from October. The four African elephants arrived shortly before Dubai Safari park closed for an upgrade back in May, but they have yet to be seen by visitors.

African Elephants Arrive at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is set to reopen later on this year and the four African elephants will be on display for the public to see. The park will be reopening with new attractions, including zip lining and bungee jumping.

Back in 2007 Tim Husband, Dubai Safari Park’s Technical Director, explained that there were plans to have a group of elephants as the park’s main attraction. Husband hinted that there could be up to 16 elephants at the park, though only four have arrived so far.

Animals to Move From Dubai Zoo to Dubai Safari Park

The arrival of the African elephants is just one of the changes that is happening at Dubai Safari Park. A number of animals from Dubai Zoo are being relocated to the park, as it is thought that it will be a better location for them. At the moment, a number of animals are not on display due to age and health concerns. However, they will be relocated to Dubai Safari Park when the weather is cooler. It is thought that the heat and stress could be too much for many of them to handle.