Dubai Petrol Prices Drop

Petrol Prices

Motorists in Dubai will be pleased to know that petrol prices are set to drop. This year the UAE will see a significant decrease in the price of fuel, something that motorists are sure to appreciate. The Ministry of Energy has now announced the petrol prices for January. This month, motorists will be paying as low as Dhs1.81 per litre at the pump.

Petrol Prices Drop in Dubai

Thanks to oversupply in the market, the global crude prices have been noticeably driven down. This means that drivers will benefitĀ from paying a lot less for their fuel. Motorists in Dubai will pay less than Dhs2 per litre, something that hasn’t happened since August 2017.

According to officials, Super 98 fuel will cost just Dhs2 per litre in January. This is a price drop of 11% from December, where the same fuel cost closer to Dhs2.25. Special 95 will be priced at Dhs1.89 per litre, down from Dhs2.15 in December. Motorists will also benefit from a decrease in diesel prices.

Though it’s welcomed news that petrol prices are dropping in Dubai, it’s even better to know that it’s not something that’s set to change anytime soon. Experts expect prices to continue to drop throughout the year.