Dubai is the ideal location to host the new Table Tennis event

Dubai is the ideal location to host the new Table Tennis event


Dubai will be the ideal platform to launch the sport’s latest table tennis event

President of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) – Thomas Wiekert said that Dubai will be the ideal platform to launch the sport’s latest table tennis event- TTX- which can be presented everywhere and every time.
TTX is launched to attract people of all ages and fields. It has been simplified to impress new players to the platform.
There are heavier balls to react the wind for the outdoor platforms. It was conducted experiments before the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro last summer, and the first event will be happened on the sidelines of the World Table Tennis Championships in Dusseldorf from 29th May to 5th June.
The president hopes the government will consider organizing TTX events after supporting the ITTF by introducing the main events such as the World Team Cup and the World Tour Grand Final recently – Mr.Wiekert said on the sideline of the ITTF’s committee meeting in Dubai.
Wiekert also indicated that the event will try their best to make themselves better and can attract more new players to the sport in the upcoming times. He also confesses that he have never experienced any events like this before in Dubai and he expected this is the amazing opportunity to develop the sports event as Dubai is the very best ideal location for their event.
Dubai is the amazing place to host the event as it is the Convergence of beautiful beaches and great weather during the holiday. At that time, a lot of Dubai gentlemen residents who is more interested in sport and can spend their time to follow the events and it’s also the opportunity to attract more young people to the sport. So that’s the reason Mr.Wiekert thought he chooses Dubai for the sporting event.

Dubai will host the similar sports events in the time to come

The sports event’s objective is to impress and attract more people of all ages who may be interested in the sport. The second one is to make a new discipline in the time to come.
Saeed Hareb, the general secretary of Dubai Sports Council, accepted the idea. He said this sports event is main attention in Dubai recently. He said Dubai have huge facilities and infrastructure so the city is always willing to welcome the sports events like this in the upcoming seasons.
He indicated that the city can host the similar sports event along Jumeirah Beach Residence The Walk, under the Burj Khalifa or in the mall. He said the similar sports event like this can be hosted successfully thanks to the city’s location, connectivity, and hospitality.
Dubai has also joined the table tennis event by sponsoring the Chinese Table tennis team in 2013 to tighten the national relationships between two nations.
He confessed that Dubai and China can connect each other through the sports events as China is a big potential and opportunity for Dubai in tourism and many another sectors.