Dubai Food Festival 2016

dubai food festival 2016

Just the mere mention of the Dubai food festival can get one’s stomach calling. Who doesn’t love the idea of being able to access some of the finest dishes from around the world? There is a lot of quality on offer when it comes to the Dubai food festival and those who miss out are truly not getting their money’s worth. Let’s take a glance at what this food festival is all about and what value it is going to offer in the coming year. It is always one of the most heralded events and it is going to be the same for 2016.

Dubai Food Festival Will Include Restaurant Week

This is going to be one of the features present at the food festival for those who are intrigued. The idea of a ‘restaurant week’ is new and something they are going to look to add this time around. The goal of this is to make sure 30 of the best restaurants in the area are going to be displayed for a three-course meal.

Yes, the entire three-course meal is going to be displayed and that is something food festivals in the area are not known for. It should be fun for those who want to get a proper look at each dining option.

17 Days Long

When is this food festival going to take place and how long is it going to run? The food festival is scheduled to begin on the 25 of February and is going to last for a beautiful 17 days.

It is something that is going to ensure all of the dining choices that are in the area can be presented properly.

‘Hidden Gems’

The main reason you would ever want to go to a food festival of this nature is to get a feel for some of the local cuisine as well. These are where the ‘hidden gems’ are going to come to the forefront. The organizers are looking to see some of the suggestions people have that are not as mainstream as the ones that will be on display here.

After the suggestions start to come in, the organizers are going to put together a top 20 who are going to be featured during the festival. This is great for those who want to get a look at some of the best that are not appreciated for what they have to offer.

The Dubai food festival is going to be one of the most exciting things that is happening in the area and those who are not taking advantage are going to miss out big time. Who doesn’t want to make the most of the dishes that are going to be presented at the food festival? There is a lot to do at the food festival and it is going to be spread out across almost an entire month making it quite fun and easy on the schedule as well. The weekends should be busy as people come out with their families to get a peek.