Dubai Expo 2020: Massive Opportunity For Job Creation

Dubai Expo 2020 Jobs Roadmap

Dubai is getting ready to host one of the biggest shows on Earth, the World Expo 2020 which is going to take place between October 2020 and April 2021. It is expected to host more than 180 nations of the world in its grand platform of 438 hectares and will be attended by an approximate audience of 25 million visitors. The buzz and the atmosphere for the grand opening have already been started, with the pace of construction going at the site of the expo.

Key Themes of Expo 2020

Every World Expo has a unique theme that has a message and a purpose that connects to the central theme of “universal concern to all of humanity”. As such, the Dubai Expo 2020 has a theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.’ The three key themes that can be clearly seen in the Dubai Expo 2020 are:

  • Opportunity – The expo is expected to be all about unlocking the future potential for people and helping communities contribute towards a better future.
  • Mobility – Through this key theme, the expo will examine the creation of smarter and more productive connections, physically and virtually.
  • Sustainability – This key theme looks at the ways we can pursue progress without compromising the fundamental needs of future generations.

Opportunities for Job Creation

As we can see that one of the key themes of the expo is creating opportunities for job seekers, the organisers have outlined opportunities for graduate job seekers. This will come as a positive thing for the saturated job market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Not only will the job seekers get huge benefit from the staging of the expo, but also the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). According to the experts in economies, the expo is going to create more than 300,000 new jobs in the UAE. The best thing is that majority of the new jobs will be permanent ones, which comes as a big relief to young job seekers.

If you are someone who is looking for jobs in the real estate sector, the Dubai Expo 2020 is a game changer which will brighten your career once again. During the start of the real estate boom in 2008, the construction industry in the economy stood at a whopping 14%, but due to the stagnancy in the sector it had fallen down to 8% in 2013. But, this is all going to change. Real estate pundits have identified that the expo is going to be a great catalyst for the growth of the real estate sector and revive the once booming industry.

The other area which is going to have a positive impact from the expo is the tech startup sector, which has huge potential and can become a key driver in the creation of new jobs. According to the World Bank, micro start-ups are the engines of job creations in the MENA region. Through the Expo, it is expected that a collaborative initiative is created which can create new networking opportunities between corporate executives and start-ups.

The Bottom Line

The Dubai Expo 2020 will provide a platform for SMEs to get exposure for more investments and an opportunity that job seekers can look forward to. The Expo 2020 will not just be a physical site but will be a place where the seed for the growth of the region in terms of development and opportunities is planted.