Dog Friendly Communities Dubai

Dog Friendly Communities

A number of residents are calling for dog friendly communities in Dubai. As the city continues to develop, many dog lovers are finding it more and more difficult to find areas to walk their dogs. In fact, some are even resulting to moving to dog friendly communities to make things easier. This has led to a lot of people in Dubai wanting there to be an increase in the number of dog friendly communities in the city.

More Dog Friendly Communities in Dubai

Dog owners in Dubai have said that they would like to see more dog friendly areas in public parks, beaches and in residential communities. They want more areas where they can walk their dogs. It isn’t just the lack of places to walk dogs that’s becoming a problem. Dog owners in Dubai also have to worry about thorns from the desert and hot tarmac. This is why they are calling for more safe places to walk their dogs in the city.

There are currently very few dog friendly communities in Dubai. However, some do have some safe areas. This includes Mira, the Springs, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, The Lakes, and Downtown Dubai. In a statement written to Khaleej Times, The Dubai Municipality stated that it will provide dedicated dog walking areas in public areas in the near future.