Andy Murray won his first title in Dubai Championships after defeating his rival- Fernando Verdasco

Andy Murray won his first title in Dubai Championships after defeating his rival- Fernando Verdasco


Slow start, strong finish for Andy Murray in Dubai Championships

Andy Murray from Britain and Fernando Verdasco from Spain fought each other in straight sets to win their own title at Dubai Championships for the first time.

The number one player failed to reach his two matches but he quickly recovered and won the 6-3 6-2 match in one hour and 14 minutes

Murray has a new record in 2017 and that’s also the 45th record in his career. The winning sets let him on the top of the rankings and extend his lead over Novak Djokovic.

Murray expressed his happiness when winning the sets in Dubai Championships. That’s a great beginning for his career in 2017.

Murray fought for the final match with a 12-1 record which defeated Verdasco. But he had run slowly to the final that makes him lose his first two games.However, he made himself balance with 3-3 level and everything got better.

The Britain’s competitors supported each other in the 2nd set and defeated his rival to lead with his 2-1 record.

The final match Murray saved seven match points and won an epic 31-minute tie-break can demonstrate a straightforward contest than his record with Philipp Kohlschreiber.

Murray said when he fights for every second of the match, he can get everything until the rest of the tournament.

He also convinced that the last couple of matches were finished late and it was not enough with what he expects. However, he said he’s so excited and confident for California ahead.

Murray will go ahead to the airport and 16-hour flight to LA next week. Major celebrations are waiting for them.

Murry will experience his first match in the Californian desert next week and he is expected to win the modest record like one final match back in 2009

Last year, he didn’t get the record in the 3rd round in Indian Wells and Miami as well. He said that he’s not happy with last year’s matches and this year he is expecting to get this chance and this match can give him the great result.


Although he was not successful in his 1st two games, this is a chance for Murray to shine like a real star.

Murry gets 2000 points in his first title of 2017 which help him defeat his rival – Novak Djokovic and let him on the top of the rankings. It is expected that no one can defeat him until this coming Frech Open.

Although Murray doesn’t feel better this week because of his shingles in Dubai, it’s indicated that no matter what’s going on, he can even defeat Mischa Zverev at the Australian Open.