10 Amazing Projects Getting Underway In Dubai


If you have been to Dubai lately, you will notice that the city is under going a massive make over with enormous projects that is set to highlight it as one of the world’s top city. Below are 10 amazing projects that Dubai is┬ádeveloping:

Mall of the World

This project is planed to be a massive shopping complex and resort area bordering on an indoor city, planned on being four times the size of the Dubai Mall. Intended to cover 48 million square feet, consultants estimate that once completed, the Mall of the World will get about 180 million visitors per year.

Mall of the world

Dubai Creek Harbor

Intended as a massive growth inside of Ras Al Khor, this complex will house over 3000 office units and around 39000 residential units. One of the faster growing projects Dubai is embarking upon, this one is expected to be completed in 18 months.


Dubai Canal Project

The work of the Roads and Transport Authority, this canal along Safa Park will also enjoy a number of retail spaces and residential units in an already packed city. Bridges are already being built on Al Wasl Road and it is planned to be completed by the middle of 2016.


Mohamed Bin Rashid City

A stand alone development, when this project is completed, it will be a massive mixed use area, encompassing an enormous public park, a Universal Studios complex, a golf course, a number of residential developments and 100 hotels. The first phase of the project is already nearing completion.


Pearl Jumeirah

A project taking place on an almost a million quarter meters plot of reclaimed land, this residential area is planned on containing a total of 300 luxury residential villas intended to meet the demands of current and future residents of Dubai.


City Walk

A mix of residential and retail space along Al Wasl Road, this particular development is planned on hosting around 600 residential units to alleviate the problems many newcomers to the city are having finding living space. This is on top of over 23000 square meters dedicated to retail space.



Located in Jumeirah, this plot of land is also called Island 2 and its planned development is over half a million square meters in space. Intended to host low rises apartment buildings and some of the most luxurious villas in the world, it will also include a boutique resort and a private marina.


Blue Waters Projects

Set on a plot of reclaimed land in the Dubai Marina, this planned island will encompass a number of residential, entertainment, retail and hospitality areas within the island. It is planned on having easy access to both existing areas of Dubai and other regions that are currently being built.


Dubai Opera

At the center of the Dubai Opera District in the downtown region, the planned opera house is intended to seat two thousand people for a wide range of performances in addition to opera, including ballet, theater performances, concerts, films, sporting events and art exhibitions.


Deira Island

Actually four islands linked together, this develop is being master planed Nakheel and will add more than 40 kilometers on top of Dubai’s existing coastline, and is intended to host residential areas, retail units, hotels and serviced apartments, as well as some luxurious new beach front properties.


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